Why Did Justin Tomlinson MP Claim Not To Know How Many Disabled People Have Lost Their Motability Cars Under PIP?

As ‘Same Difference’ says in this blog. “Misleading Parliament is a very serious matter, particularly for a Government Minister.” Poppy’s Place would also like to jon with Same Difference and Vox Political in calling for MPs to hold Mr Tomlinson to account for this.

Same Difference

On 3rd February 2016, BBC News reported that nearly 14,000 disabled people have lost their Motability cars as a result of being transferred from DLA to PIP.

On 25th February 2016, in Parliament, Justin Tomlinson MP, Minister For Disabled People, was asked by Daniel Zeichner MP, Shadow Minister For Transport, to reveal how many disabled people had had their Motability cars taken away as a result of PIP replacing DLA.

In response, Justin Tomlinson MP claimed, in Parliament:

The Department does not hold this information.

The BBC News story of 3rd February was shown on BBC television news on that day, as well as being available on the BBC website. The online link to the story  spread like wildfire across several social media pages respected by Same Difference in the first week of February.

Same Difference still remembers it well, and we are, sadly, a much smaller organisation than the…

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