No, we have had enough…

I have just been reading a very disturbing tweet.

The tweet was from a  woman with a psychiatric condition who was reassessed for her benefits when she had a change of circumstances. During the assessment she expressly gave the assessor details of her representative. She watched him enter this information onto the form he was completing about her. There was no question that he knew exactly who her representative was.

We can all imagine therefore, how horrified she was, when the DWP report from that meeting was sent subsequently, not to her named representative but to a relative who she was trying to protect from learning of the seriousness of her condition.

This is outrageous.

This cannot be allowed to continue without being challenged..

More and more it appears that our Government, and their various departments such as the DWP and DoH, seems to think there is one rule for them and another rule for the rest of us and this must not be allowed. It has to stop.

What has happened in this instance is a massive breach of Data Protection legislation, but this is just one of many instances. This sort of case seems to be happening over and over again. We need to start taking these breaches to court every time they happen and hold the DWP and the Government to account. Our Tory Government cannot be allowed to ride rough-shod over all of our hard-won rights and legislation. They need to learn they cannot just break the law willey nilley to suit themselves without repercussions and they need to learn it fast..

We have already seen several court cases where the Government, and the DWP in particular, have been challenged about what they have been doing to disabled people and carers in this country that they seem to anticipate won’t fight back, how many more cases do there have to be? The United Nations are currently investigating what has been going on, there a court cases every week, there are stories about what is happening in the press and on social media daily, How much longer can this be allowed to continue? What is this Government doing to the people of this nation?

They are laughing at us all.

They are trying to set us up to hate each other so we do nothing about the harm they are causing.

Just because we are not as rich as they are, just because they tell us they know what they are talking about, just because they are changing existing legislation and enacting new legislation to make things better for themselves and worse for us, we must not knuckle under and allow it to continue.

The longer this Government feels that they are getting away with the damage they are doing, the more they are going to go on doing it. They have already tried to restrict our access to Legal Aid, almost certainly with the ultimate aim of restricting our ability to challenge them in court, and we must not let this happen. We must fight it all the way. If needs be, maybe we need to establish some sort of fighting fund that people can access if they need help. Charities and voluntary organisations are all doing a marvellous job but they are stretched to capacity and seriously under funded. We all need to do our bit and support each other as much as we can. One person, on their own, is weak and powerless, together we can be strong and powerful. We can win this if we all do our bit. Challenge everything they try and do to us. If it doesn’t seem right it probably isn’t. Fight it.

It’s funny, I never thought I was a rebel but, apparently, I am. I hate to see injustice and I will continue to challenge it to the best of my limited ability. Let’s all fight together and then, who knows, just maybe, we can win.

We must all stand together and shout, with one voice, ‘No! We have had enough!

  1. Nienna said:

    Incandescent about what happened to that woman.

    • It’s terrible isn’t it. The Govt needs to pay for that in large amounts of compensation……

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