Welfare Reform And Work Bill Will Remove The ESA WRAG And Similar Component Of Universal Credit

This Bill must fail and not be enacted. I will be lobbying my MP and I would ask that all my readers lobby theirs.

Same Difference

Readers, we apologise if you already have this information.

However, recent comments on another post, by reader loozbitch, informed Same Difference that, if the Welfare Reform And Work Bill becomes law, it will remove the Work Related Activity Group component of ESA.

We have been aware for some time that the Government wanted to scrap the WRAG, but until now, we were not aware that the complete removal of the component has been written into a potential law.

We requested more information from reader loozbitch, who sent us this very useful document, written for the House of Lords, which clearly states that one of the aims of the Welfare Reform And Work Bill is:

• Removing the work related activity component in Employment and Support Allowance [ESA] and the limited capability for work element in Universal Credit.

We are very scared for the many claimants who are in the WRAG…

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