I just can’t see it…

This is getting tedious. Something needs to change and it needs to change fast. Yet again I am reading stories online and in the papers which make no sense to me.

What’s new? I hear you ask. Well, if I’m honest, nothing. Just our wonderful Conservative Government being as illogical as ever. And, what’s the latest? What’s the story that has got me so riled up today? Just something that makes as little sense as many of the other things that have been happening. Just something to make us even more of a world-wide laughing stock that we already are.

Let me explain. It’s something I’ve seen several times before and it’s something that is likely to become more and more common as this non-sensical Government continues to turn the never-ending austerity screw. Disabled people being targeted just because we need some help sometimes in order to live a full and productive life. Yet another item about a working disabled person who is going to lose their job due to benefit cutbacks. Time and time again the Tories have said they want disabled people to go out to work yet, when we try, they pull the rug out from under is.

In the case that has angered me today, a disabled woman, who has worked and paid taxes continuously since the age of 16, is going to lose the mobility car she needs to get to work thanks to changes in how entitlement to mobility benefits are worked out. And, furthermore, as she needs her car to get to and from work and attend client meetings as part of her job it is likely she will lose her job and have to apply for unemployment benefits instead.

Am I the only person who cannot see the logic in this?

Surely having her able to go out work and pay her taxes by allowing her access to the benefits she needs to enable her to be independent makes sense. But no, obviously not. According to the all-powerful DWP taking the car away so she loses her job and has to claim benefits instead whilst not paying tax is a much better idea. Great.

And this is not the only person this has happened to, its happening to working disabled people nationwide.

Please would someone explain the rationale behind this to me because I just can’t see it. The illogicality is mind-blowing.

If we, disabled people, are going to be able to support ourselves and our families and contribute to society, then stop taking away the aids and benefits we need for our independence. We have already lost the Independent Living Fund. Access to Work funding is to be curtailed. Now we are losing our entitlement to our own personal support and transport which enables us to do what you want and get a job. What next? What do you want from us? Blood? Leave us with our dignity and allow us the right to show you what we can do. Apply some common sense and stop cutting everything. Let this nonsense end now, we’ve had enough at always being at the bottom. Invest in us and give us the opportunity to rise up and show you what we can do. We may surprise you.

  1. Nienna said:

    Of course, you’re so right. The Government are I think transparent in their contempt for and lack of concern for the disabled, as well as the poor.

    • Exactly. I’m under the impression they would prefer it if we all just went away and hid in care homes and hospitals….

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