Problems arising with carers due to English as a second language

beyond bed

All of my current carers and most of my past agency carers have had English as a second language. Here are some of the issues I’ve faced.

I get the impression that my carers don’t always grasp the level of issues that their lack of englsih profficiency creates. It is of course possible that they have noticed and are embarrassed or prefer not to talk about it. I think sometimes this is the case, but often times they seem oblivious or think I am not being clear.  For example whilst giving people instructions I need to be quite specific, but the carers fail to realise that’s what I am doing. For example today the carer was looking in the front of a drawer. I said “Can you look in the rest of that drawer please?”. She closed the drawer and opened the next one. I explained again but she just…

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