Forget the mantra. ‘Work Harder’ isn’t working. Try again….

I am worried.

I am seriously worried.

What is happening to the country I call home? The country where I have lived for my entire life. The country where my ancestors lived and worked and raised their families. The country where my children, my grand-children, my great grandchildren will live and work.

As far as I am concerned, thanks to the current Conservative Government, Great Britain is changing for the worse. We now seem to be living in a country where all anyone cares for is themselves, care and compassion for others is on the way out. Great Britain runs the risk of becoming an international laughing stock on the backs of its poorer citizens.

This Conservative Government has been in sole power for six months and what a six months they have been. Policy after policy, proposal after proposal, debate after debate, and they all seem to be designed to make things worse for the people at the bottom of the income tree.

One of the first things that happened was that sick and disabled people lost the Independent Living Fund which was supposed to help fund the care and support they need to live. People petitioned and protested and demonstrated but it made no difference, the ILF was still closed. Strike one to the Conservative Government.

So it continued.

Sick and disabled people are are now going to lose the enhanced welfare payments they are supposed to receive to help them find and retain jobs. The welfare payment for people in the  Work Related Activity Group of Employment Support Allowance is to be reduced to subsistence levels. Thanks to the Conservative Government, sick and disabled people are going to lose a significant part of their income and all the Government says is ‘Work Harder’.

Strike two to the Conservative Government.

Not content with just penalising some of the people least able to fight for anything better, the Conservative Government has now set its sights on the group known as ‘the working poor’. People who are already working hard and trying to do their best for their families but who need some support and help to do this. People who receive Tax Credits to top up their income. These payments are also due to be reduced to a point where foodbanks and charity handouts become the norm. People are being forced to resort to extreme measures just to survive. Thanks to the Conservative Government, poorer working families are going to lose a significant part of their income and all the Government says is ‘Work Harder’.  

Strike three to the Conservative Government.

Now, another group who are are least able to do anything to help themselves are being targeted. Older people who have come to the end of their working lives are due to be penalised too. Older people are being told that, if they have been unable to pay sufficient National Insurance payments from the wages, they will receive no pension. These are the people who have done their best for many years to do the right thing for themselves and their families. People who have scrimped and slaved and struggled for decades will have nothing. Thanks to the Conservative Government, older people are going to lose a significant part of their prospective income and all the Government says is ‘You should have Worked Harder’.  

Strike four to the Conservative Government.

Who next? Are children going to be told they need to go out to work the way they had to during the Victorian Era? Is that the way we are going? During the Second World War the Nazis had signs above the concentration camp gates saying ‘Work makes free’ and now we are getting almost exactly the same words coming from Conservative Government every day. ‘Work Harder’ is the new political mantra of Great Britain.

All over the country people are doing their best but this Conservative Government seems to be doing what it can to make things worse and insert hurdles at every corner. We seem to be on a slippery slope and I don’t like it. Great Britain and the Conservative Government needs to find some care and compassion and stop punishing those who are least able to do something to help themselves. Vulnerable people are being left desperate and destitute and the Conservative Government needs to look again. Admit your mistakes. There is still time to make things better. Stop the cuts and forget the mantra, we’re already doing our best. Help us, support us, care about us, work with us. Forget the mantra, we’re trying. The Conservative Government needs to ‘Work Harder’ too. Give us back the country we love and that we can be proud of. Stop the cuts and the punishment before we reach a point of no return. Give us back our hope.

  1. I don’t know how the government can be stopped, even the HOL will not be able to stop them because we can be sure that Cameron will come up with something that will keep them at the starting blocks. I read that if children bunk of school then there family allowance will be docked!!

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