What is so great about Great Britain?

I have  question. Why are people so worried about immigration? What is so wonderful about this country? What is so great about Great Britain?

As far as I am concerned, thanks to Tory policies and Tory cuts, not a lot. If I was looking to move somewhere else, I wouldn’t be considering coming here at all. I would want to live in a country that respects and cherishes its key workers. I would want to live in a country that looks after its more vulnerable citizens. I would want to live in a country that ensures its parents can feed, clothe and provide a secure home for their children. As things stand, I no longer believe these criteria apply to this country.

Britain today appears to be a country where our teachers, doctors and other key workers are underpaid and overworked to a point where they are leaving to find somewhere else that actually values what they do. If we want the best we must learn to cherish and reward them and not chase them away by talking about new contracts, unpaid overtime and pay cuts. Doctors, nurses and teachers train long and hard to undertake the work they do, we should thank them, reward them and show them we recognise their dedication to their vocation, not criticise them and expect them to do more and more for less and less.  

Britain today appears to be a country where sick and disabled people who are unable to support themselves, where older people who have given the entire working lives to the service of the nation, are thrown on the scrapheap and left to survive on a pittance. When the Welfare State was introduced after the second World War, Britons were promised ‘security from cradle to grave’. This is no longer the case. Vulnerable Britons today, people who, through no fault of their own, are too sick, too disabled, too old to be able to earn their own living, are having the Social Security payments they themselves have paid for with their National Insurance contributions pared down and cut to subsistence levels.

Britain today appears to be a country where our more vulnerable children and families are having their support knocked out from under them. People are being left unable to pay their essential bills for the heating and lighting they need. People are being left to live in cars and boxes and under bridges when their money is cut and they can no longer pay the inflated rents charged by greedy landlords. People are being left to survive on what they receive in handouts from foodbanks and charities and are having sanctions imposed when they are unable to do what the government wants of them.

Where is the compassion, where is the gratitude, where is the love and kindness? Where has it gone?

If I was a migrant from another country I would be looking for somewhere else to find the help and shelter I needed for myself and my family. Britain today is no longer a promised land of hope and security, it is a a place of an ever-increasing divide between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots, the workers and the bosses. Britain of today is a place where we appear to have returned to the values of the Victorian era.

We all need to wake up and stop the rot before it is too late for us. I want to be proud to be British once more, not cowering and apologetic. I want to be part of a country of aspiration and hope, not shame and despair. I want to be part of a country where people are supported, cared for and cherished from the moment of birth until the time of death, not abandoned and shut away. It is is time for us all to stand up and be counted. It is time to shout out in solidarity ‘enough is enough’. It is time for Britain to be great once more.    

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