And now its all over. Normal service resumed.

Well, what fun we have just had. Our glorious leader and his Conservative lap-dogs spouting Tory political rhetoric for days on end. So enjoyable. I’ve loved every minute of it.

Tory after Tory has attempted to get us to believe that life under their thumbs is completely wonderful and that we should all rejoice that we have the rest of this Parliamentary term to go. Four more wonderful years of cuts, poverty and deprivation for all but the richest still to come. Goody, goody! If the four and a bit months of joy we’ve just had since the General Election in May are anything to go by, it’s going to be  a blast. I can’t wait. I am so looking forward to it.

Speaker after speaker this week has been telling us how good everything is now. Well, I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. Things are not better. Things are getting worse by the day.

During his speech, earlier in the week, Mr Duncan Smith, our Minister for Work and Pensions, told us that the Government must ‘rededicate itself to it’s shake-up of welfare and that it’s mission was to ‘restore people’s lives’. He told us that disabled people should work their way out of poverty and not rely on state financial assistance. How? Where are the jobs? What about the disabled people who cannot leave their homes or their beds? What about us? What are we supposed to do? What about the nearly ninety people every month who have already died and those people who will continue to die after being declared ‘fit for work’. Has Mr Duncan Smith suddenly become a miracle worker who can cure the sick and raise people from the grave? Why have we not been told about this? And what about the families having to rely on foodbanks and charity handouts to live? What about them? Mr Duncan Smith did not appear to have a solution to that apart from the constant repetition of his nauseating mantra that people should work their way out of poverty.

It didn’t end there. As the days passed and Conference progressed, some other wonderful pronouncements were made. More and more speakers told us we were lucky to have Mr Cameron in charge and that the Conservatives were the party for everyone, rich and poor alike.

Yesterday, Government Minister, Matthew Hancock, told us that our young people were not productive enough in the workplace to warrant being paid the full, new National Living Wage for over 25s when it is introduced next April. So, Mr Hancock, tell us, how are all those new graduates your party encouraged to go to university supposed to start paying back their student loans then? After three years trying to better their chances in life, what are they supposed to do? Are they going to be left with that debt hanging over them for most of their working lives?What about the newly qualified ex-apprentices who have just spent several years working, learning and being paid a pittance. What incentives to start working for themselves are you giving them? What about the school-leavers who want to move straight into the world of work. What about them? What message are you giving to them?

It didn’t end there. During the Week Think Tank, the Taxpayers Alliance, joined in and encouraged the Prime Minister to cut benefits for older people. Not the State Pension. Not yet. just other benefits such as free travel passes, winter fuel allowances and free TV licences. People who have paid their taxes and made their National Insurance contributions all their working lives with the understanding that they would be safe and secure in retirement being left, instead, cold, lonely and impoverished. Is that how we, as a nation, are supposed to say thank you? Under the Conservatives that appears to be exactly what we do.

Today, as a finale, during his Conference closing speech, Mr Cameron told us that he is going to encourage home buying by ending the provision for property developers to ensure that all new build developments included a percentage of social housing properties amongst the homes that were built. This is in addition to his earlier announcement that, just like Council house tenants in the 1980s, Housing Association tenants are to be given the right to buy their homes, thus deleting social housing stock further. He told us he wanted Britain to become a nation of homeowners and not home-renters. What he didn’t tell us is how we are supposed to afford to buy those properties. Unfortunately we are not all lucky enough to have wealthy Mummies and Daddies who can help us out, some of us have to get there all on our own and his policies are making this more and more difficult.  

The joyous merry-go-round of the Party Conference Season has now come to an end and thank goodness for that. I’m not sure if I could have taken any more. We now have another year of bickering, back-stabbing and general hostility to look forward to as the Conservatives try to make life even worse for most of us, whilst the other Parties do their best to stop Tory excesses. Business as usual in the corridors of power until we all do it all over again next year

  1. Elaine Wilkinson said:

    All of the silly Tory party have absolutely no realisation on reality in England at the moment… I have recently realised , through my 24 year old son, having been made redundant, and having to move back home,… how stupid they really are,… I pity any person , under 25 who does not have a family home, He has been told he has to go to the job centre in our local town 2 days a week , (only days they are open) to work, helping people learn computer skills , then for the other 3 days a week travel 40 miles ..there and bus , and a 1 hour walk . to another job centre… this will take him all together about 50 hours per week..including travel….. for a meagre 50 pounds JSA…. basically treating him worse than a criminal, who has to do community service….. The next generation, will certainly not vote Tory…all this and he still has a huge chain around his neck, called tuition fee debt!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. My older daughter has come out Uni with a debt of about £30k. Terrifying…..

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