We must remember. We cannot forget.

So exactly how cynical can one person be? How unsympathetic? How callous?

Well, after what I’ve been reading online, and in the papers, this morning, as far as I am concerned Alex Wild takes a lot of beating.

Never heard of him? Well, let me enlighten you. Alex Wild, is the the Research Director for the think tank, Tax Payers Alliance. Mr Wild has been quoted this morning as having said that Government Ministers should hurry up and make cuts to pensioner benefits as quickly as possible. What cuts is he talking about here? These cuts that will be highly unpopular. Well, amongst other things, Mr Wild reckons that cuts need to be made to Winter Fuel Allowances, Free bus passes and the £10 Christmas Bonus.

Lovely man.

So, what Is it that he wants? Is it that poorer pensioners, older people who have worked hard for many, many years in low paying jobs, are unable to heat their freezing cold homes all winter? Could it be he wants to make it harder for poorer pensioners to be able to travel to their local town centre, visit friends or go to their nearest Day Centre by public transport? Maybe he looking to take away the money that allows these poorer pensioners to be able to afford a  couple of little treats for Christmas? It couldn’t be that could it? Could that really be what he means? Could that be what he’s saying? Yes. That is exactly what he’s saying.

But, where’s the cynicism? Where, I hear you say, is that? What Mr Wild wants is not very nice and highly unlikely to affect wealthier older people but it cannot be said to be callous and unfeeling  can it? Well, it can’t. The cynical part is in the small print. The cynical part are the reasons he comes up with for why  these cuts should be made now.

So, what are they? What reasons has he come up with? How has he tried to justify what he has said?

The reasons Mr Wild has given, when he has said that these unpopular cuts should be made quickly, not many months after the General Election, are as follows. Mr Wild ha said that, by the time we all get to vote again, five years down the line, many of the older people who will be affected, the older people the Conservative Party relies on for their core support in rural England, will either be dead or so addled that they will have forgotten which party it was that cut their benefits. He is implying that all the Conservatives would have to do is say that it was the previous Government, and mainly the Liberal Democrat part of the previous Government or the Labour Government before that, and everything would be all right. He is saying that the Conservatives could blame everyone else except for themselves and no-one would know or remember.

Well, we need to make sure that we do remember. We need to make sure that, when the 2020 general election comes along and we are all attending political hustings, we remember every single thing this Government has done. We need to make sure we remember the older people who are no longer with us, and the hardships they will have experienced. We need to question every Conservative candidate, every Conservative supporter, about all of it.

Just like all the disabled people who have died due to the Conservative cuts to their benefits, poorer older people are likely to die too if these heartless cuts their support are implemented and they must never be forgotten. By saying that these cuts should be made now, just because older people will either be dead or will have forgotten who did it by 2020, Mr Wild has demonstrated just how much he does not care about poorer pensioners in this country and exactly how unfeeling and uncaring he is. Cynicism like this should not pass us by. Cynicism like this should show us all exactly what the Government and their supporters are like. And it should never be forgotten or swept under the carpet. We must remember, we cannot not forget.

  1. Claire Martin said:

    Our short term memories maybe a bit addled – what did I come here for? but our long term memory is elephantine.

  2. Reblogged this on campertess and commented:
    Do you wonder what will be next?….Have they reached the bottom of the pit or can they stoop any lower?..

    • They can stoop lower. I’m sure of that – they have only just started. God help us all…..

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