From a Distance….

I am having a ‘miserable’ day.

Neither of my amazing daughters is around, they are both off having a life, and I am not.

“So,” I can hear you saying, “Why don’t you go out and have some fun too? Don’t you have friends you could meet up with for a coffee? Couldn’t you go out and get yourself a new outfit? There must be something you can do.”

Well, I can’t and there isn’t.

Let me fill you in.

I am a disabled person. I have been for many years. But it’s never been that much of an issue before. I worked, doing a job I loved, I went out to the cinema or to see a West End Show, I had friends I could visit or meet up with for a drink, I could do things.

Then, last December, everything went wrong. I got very sick and spent several weeks in hospital. Eventually things improved somewhat and I got to come home. But everything was different. And not even a little bit different. A lot of a bit different. Instead getting up and going out every day. Instead of working for a living and earning my own money. Instead of spending my weekends having fun with my friends and family the way I was used to, I am stuck in a sickbed in my living room 24/7. Instead of living a life I am just existing. I have my TV and my computer and my phone and access to the internet but I don’t have a proper life. I am living a second-hand existence where everyone else is getting to do things and go places and see other people and I’m not.  

And I’m not the only one. All over the country, all over Europe, all over the world, there are disabled and older people who are unable to leave their homes and take part in everyday life. We get to watch a bit of it on our TVs, we get to read about it in our newspapers and on the internet, we get to hear about it when our carers come to do some cleaning or give us something to eat but we don’t get to join in.

What would be really nice would be if we were not ignored and sidelined. What would be really nice would be if someone asked us what we wanted. What would be really nice would be if the world put in some thought about how to make things better.

I have had a few ideas, but I’m sure that other disabled people have had ideas that could help us all too. Why can’t we all share our ideas and see what we can come up with. Why can’t we all share our ideas and actually talk about what we want. Why can’t we all share our ideas and make things better.

As it is, until we start thinking a bit more about other people and until we start changing things life will continue to go on as it always has done. Other people will work, other people will go out with friends, other people will enjoy themselves, but all I can do is watch.

From a distance.


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